First State Physicians is a well-established, highly-respected Chiropractic and Therapy Center in the state of Delaware with two locations; Newark (near Christiana Hospital) and Bear (Fox Run Shopping Center).  Dr. Kevin McDermott has many years of experience, specializing and focusing their practice on patients involved in automobile accidents and work-related injuries.

Dr. McDermott enjoys the challenges that many of these cases present.  He has personally worked on over three thousand workers compensation and motor vehicle accidents over the last 16 years.  Dr. McDermott testifies regularly in court in front of the Industrial Accident Board and has also been an expert witness in several motor vehicle collision trials throughout his career.  He performs Independent Medical Examines often, which decreases his appearance as a biased expert witness.

First State Physicians’ team management approach begins with its massage therapists who have been trained in the most advanced areas of neuromuscular therapy and are all licensed and certified Delaware Worker’s Compensation providers.  Dr. McDermott believes that massage therapy significantly increases his ability to treat patients and vastly improves patient compliance.  For cases with a high level of complexity, he includes medical doctors as part of his decision making process and evaluation while always gathering notes from other providers to ensure there are no contradictory statements made in his reports.  On multiple occasions, lawyers request Dr. McDermott’s final report over that of a medical doctor that handled the same case, due to his attention to detail and honest, professional nature.

Dr. McDermott considers himself well versed in the Dr. Croft seminars.  He follows proper treatment protocols such as the Croft Guidelines, Quebec Task Force and the Muscular Skeletal section of the American Medical Association’s Guidelines for Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.  Furthermore, he has spent his career fine-tuning his writing skills.  If you would like to see an example of his final reports or you are interested in meeting with Dr. McDermott, please feel free to give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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5. Cervical Spine This article explains the results of a postmortem injury assessment in which victims that died in MVA’s had their cervical spines evaluated initially with x-ray and MRI, afterwhich their cervical regions were removed, frozen, and sliced into 3 mm thick slices and more closely examined. Significantly less of the injuries seen by the full dissection process were seen by x-ray and MRI. This is significant in that MVA’s result in injuries that are very real and significant but can not be seen by current diagnostic imaging.