Car Accident Injury TherapyWe have specialized in the evaluation and treatment of motor vehicle collision-related soft tissue injuries for over 20 years. We treat various injuries that result from auto accidents including whiplash, herniated disc, concussions, and many soft tissue injuries. We have taken extensive additional training through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in order to understand the complexities of auto accident injuries. We take great pride in providing excellent chiropractic care and rehabilitative therapy to help alleviate pain and help the injuries to resolve as quickly and completely as possible. Our well-established relationships with various medical specialists and diagnostic facilities in Delaware give our patients the advantages of seeing the right specialists the first time and seeing them faster than they would typically be able to if they set the appointment themselves or if they were coordinating care with their family doctor.

Your car insurance (PIP, personal injury protection) will cover your healthcare costs after an auto accident. We gladly work with attorneys on all auto accident injury and workman’s compensation cases, and always provide a well-documented report in support of your personal injury case that ties in all aspects of your treatment, including diagnostic test results, the opinions of medical specialists, and a personalized explanation of how your injuries have impacted your normal life. These things are vital if your attorney is going to be able to help you receive a fair settlement. We stay in direct contact with your attorney, updating them on your treatment plan, progress, and cost of treatment.